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Strategic Management Advisory

We believe that management teams and executive leaders can benefit from having access to external advisors that attach to the business to assist analysis, strategic thinking and decision making as required. We offer flexible advisory services to clients seeking independent, specialist knowledge in a timely and cost effective manner with access to decades of experience and business networks.

What we do:

  • Provide expert management knowledge and advice
  • Explore and analyse key business concepts, problems and opportunities
  • Offer flexible engagement on an as needs basis or on an ongoing basis

Strategic Business Planning

We believe that the most successful businesses employ a strategic planning process and formulate their detailed business plans around a longer term perspective on the market and the business vision and objectives. This doesn’t mean massive documents that sit on the shelf, but instead, succinct and highly directive plans that become part of management and operational thinking.

What we do:

  • Create a shared plan and vision for the future of your business
  • Map out how your business can successfully realise its full potential and achieve its objectives over the long term
  • Advise business owners on planning their exit from an investment and ensuring that the business and its people are ready for a change of ownership

Strategic Marketing Planning

We believe that organisations that generate the most value for the owners and shareholders of any enterprise are, in essence, market driven. We employ market focussed methods and practices throughout every business project we undertake as without market potential and customers, businesses ultimately fail.

What we do:

  • Gather market intelligence and assess the market
  • Define what drives customer value and assess the offering
  • Ensure the organisation targets the right customers
  • Develop effective strategy to align the product and service offering, communications and distribution with customer potential and needs

Business Review & Performance Analysis

We believe that assessing your business performance should be an ongoing process. We use a range of techniques to undertake a thorough review of a business and analyse its performance. We work closely with clients to develop an in depth understanding of a business’s operating environment, core activities, customers and competitors, policies and procedures, human resources, marketing activities, business efficiency and financial position.

What we do:

  • Develop insights and identify the key implications for the business
  • Identify areas that need to be improved before they become major issues
  • Use the review to redefine business goals

Market & Consumer Research & Assessment and Stakeholders Consultation

We believe that market and consumer research is a fundamental part of running a business in a modern economy. Not only is the collection of market feedback important from external sources but also the utilisation of a company’s internal customer and transactional data can prove invaluable for tracking performance and aiding decision making.

What we do:

  • Consult with business stakeholders and industry leaders
  • Facilitate discussion with your stakeholders and build relationships
  • Conduct workshops, meetings and focus groups to understand the needs and buying behaviours of your customers
  • Evaluate, qualify and quantify the market
  • Segment the market to enable targeting of most relevant and valuable customers

International Business Relations

We believe that Australia is increasingly becoming an attractive country with which to do business. We help clients identify, contact and liaise with prospective international business partners and/or investors and assist in the development of formal partnerships with international companies. We have extensive experience commercialising new products and representing clients in international markets including China, Europe and the USA.

What we do:

  • Research local opportunities for international companies
  • Advise overseas organisations sourcing product or making investments in Australia
  • Advise Australian organisations seeking to develop relationships with overseas companies
  • Develop strategic alliances, joint ventures and equity investments
  • Maximise the value and reach of international business relationships

Capital Raising & Business Sales

We believe that many businesses are undercapitalised. In fact, apart from having a clear view of business strategy, business capital available to fund growth and maintain sustainability is one of the biggest issues in the Australian economy. We are able to work with clients to plan and execute projects with the objective of raising new funding for growth or realising equity on sale of a business. Ultimately we aim to work with clients in the 6-12 months before capital raising or sale in order to fine tune and polish the business to achieve maximum returns for the owners.

What we do:

  • Identify, plan for and achieve the funding partners required to grow your business
  • Prepare a professional and strong business case for potential investors
  • Execute a solid investment strategy and marketing program

Product Commercialisation

We believe that this process should be approached from a highly organised, systematic way for any company seeking to commercialise products for national or global market places. We can assist organisations to step through the stages of commercialisation – proof of concept, proof of market, proof of product and establishment of commercial frameworks – to maximise the chances of success.

What we do:

  • Determine whether your product, service or concept is technically sound
  • Define the potential customer base for your new product or service
  • Develop local and global markets for your new product or service
  • Establish commercial frameworks in readiness for launch and operations stage

Outsourced Marketing Management

We recognise that many small, medium and large enterprises have difficulty from time to time accessing the right skill sets in a timely manner. Often an investment in a full time, highly experienced resource is not feasible. We can bridge the gap between full time marketing and executive management employment by joining your team on a retainer agreement that suits your business.   The benefits of this approach may be efficient use of operational budget, greater productivity due to a focus on only task that add value, transfer of knowledge, improvement of internal staff capabilities and clear objectives for the business program being worked on. This type of working style can be used to achieve a single project within a defined timeframe or to ensure the marketing function of a business remains on track and contributes to achieving above average profits.

What we do:

  • Engage with your business in a flexible working style
  • Focus on a specific brief or objective
  • Work with internal staff, transfer knowledge and build skills that benefits your business into the future
  • Apply all of our accumulated knowledge and experience to the benefit of your business

Product & Service Development

We believe that many companies have great potential to more effectively manage their product and service offerings to generate competitive advantage and value. We are highly skilled at reviewing the performance of products and services and assisting our clients to design or create new ones to meet market needs.

What we do:

  • Ensure your product or service is meeting customer needs and wants
  • Innovate your product or service to increase market share and stay ahead of your competition
  • Integrate strategy, process, IT infrastructure, communications and people skills
  • Implement effective service processes and procedures for dealing with your customers

Business Development, Sales & Distribution Strategy

We believe that there are opportunities for organisations to think creatively about new ways to reach markets through strategic alliances, partnerships and restructuring traditional sales and distribution channel relationships.   All businesses encounter challenges in stages of growth. We work with organisations to map out their market opportunities and understand how to generate revenue whilst aligning with internal capabilities and the external competitive landscape. Organisations that don’t actively manage their sales and distribution strategy will often find that they get outplayed by their more contemporary rivals.

What we do:

  • Plan how you will sell and distribute your products and services to your customers for the greatest value
  • Increase sales penetration by determining the most appropriate channels required to reach your customers
  • Manage service quality and performance across all areas of your business

Marketing Communications, Brand Development & Management

We believe that brands are critical to the development of value for a business and at the core of this is customer connection and loyalty. Strategically it is important to have a valuable business brand that is developed not only graphically, but also through compelling communications, engaging marketing activity and brand representation. At the heart of our capability is an advanced understanding of communications development and management.

What we do:

  • Ensure that communication with your customers is compelling and effective
  • Understand how your business is positioned in the market place
  • Create an emotional connection between your business, its products and services and your customers
  • Develop business value and customer loyalty through strong and consistent branding
  • Plan relationship management strategies for your business that generate loyalty and profit

Tender Response Coordination & Grant Applications

We believe that many SMEs are missing important market opportunities because they are not sure how to write a tender response or simply do not have the resources. We work closely with organisations to coordinate and write effective responses to Requests for Tender, Expressions of Interest, Requests for Proposal or Government Grant Program opportunities in order to maximise the chances of success.

What we do:

  • Prepare a compliant response that addresses the statement of work and all other tender requirements
  • Collate and compile all relevant information that is required of the response
  • Distil business strategy and development opportunities into a single compelling document that meets the competitive guidelines of Grant Programs
  • Deliver on time a final bid that is relevant, distinctive and motivating

Workshop Facilitation

We believe that engagement and good process is the key to a successful workshop. When run effectively, workshops can be a fantastic way for a group to brainstorm ideas, solve problems, learn from one another and build closer working relationships. We can assist organisations to plan and deliver successful workshops with internal staff and/or external stakeholders.

What we do:

  • Define the goals and objectives of the workshop
  • Determine who will be invited to attend the workshop and understand the participants
  • Develop an effective workshop agenda and supporting material i.e. visual aids, activities
  • Encourage participant involvement through a range of engagement techniques
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